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Maybe it's sounds strange but that's the truth...

Yet, anyone know the real secret of happiness ???

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dad , I Love You :)

     Sometimes I wonder how would my life will be if my dad still around. Only if I still can talk to him. Only if I can hug him and cry as much as I want. Only if he could guide me for my future and only if I could tell him how much I missed him and wanting to see him again. How would I feel ? Happy ? Idk....
     Life has changed a lot without him here. Lot of stuff has took placed. Probably , what would he doing now? He still can recognise me ? People around me says that my dad is still here with us. So , he can hear me talking ? Seriously , I'm tired of crying... I'm tired of waiting !!!
     When I remembered about my dad , I'll ask myself what I have done for him ? I don't even bought him a nice shirt or a watch. I don't even tell him how much he means to me. So , all I can do or what I want to do is to study hard and make my dad's dream come true. He always want to see me as a Lawyer. 
      The last days of his life , I know his worried of my sisters and me. But fate decides every single thing. It has fated that my dad has to leave this world , leave his family and go somewhere alone. I wonder who will help my dad like my mom did. Who will take care of him. All the sacrifices he has done is still fresh in mind. 
       Dad , I'll never forgot every single thing you have done to me. 
I Miss You Hell Much. And Please Return If Possible :/
My Dad :)

On My 3rd year Birthday :)

 When I'm 11 years old :)

When I'm 2 years old at singapore :)

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