My Fav Truth :)

The person who tries to keep everyone happy and always care for everyone is always the most lonely person...

Maybe it's sounds strange but that's the truth...

Yet, anyone know the real secret of happiness ???

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dad , I Love You :)

     Sometimes I wonder how would my life will be if my dad still around. Only if I still can talk to him. Only if I can hug him and cry as much as I want. Only if he could guide me for my future and only if I could tell him how much I missed him and wanting to see him again. How would I feel ? Happy ? Idk....
     Life has changed a lot without him here. Lot of stuff has took placed. Probably , what would he doing now? He still can recognise me ? People around me says that my dad is still here with us. So , he can hear me talking ? Seriously , I'm tired of crying... I'm tired of waiting !!!
     When I remembered about my dad , I'll ask myself what I have done for him ? I don't even bought him a nice shirt or a watch. I don't even tell him how much he means to me. So , all I can do or what I want to do is to study hard and make my dad's dream come true. He always want to see me as a Lawyer. 
      The last days of his life , I know his worried of my sisters and me. But fate decides every single thing. It has fated that my dad has to leave this world , leave his family and go somewhere alone. I wonder who will help my dad like my mom did. Who will take care of him. All the sacrifices he has done is still fresh in mind. 
       Dad , I'll never forgot every single thing you have done to me. 
I Miss You Hell Much. And Please Return If Possible :/
My Dad :)

On My 3rd year Birthday :)

 When I'm 11 years old :)

When I'm 2 years old at singapore :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

The broken Vase :/

    The vase that my mom bought for me two years ago broken last night when I was cleaning my room. I felt really upset and try to stick it back. Yeah , somehow I fixed it but I still could see the scars. 
    One thing pop'ed in my mind immediately. How would my mom felt if she gets to know about this ? Not only this vase but there is lots of time I have made my mom sad. She even cried to me few times. 
     My Mom , aged 51 this year , has gone thought a lot of difficulties in her life and even now. she has try to help everyone around her. How pity she has  to work day and night. After my dad passed away and even before that she has struggle in her life to make our lives to be brighter.
      I remember she came to my school to fetch me everyday , all the time when she waited for me after my tuition classes. She has encourged me to do lots of stuff in life. she has helped me in many ways and still it's her who want to see me as a Lawyer , as a successful person in my life. Sometimes , I felt like I hate her but the truth is I always do love her. 
      Sometimes , I ask myself why don't I help my mom in her daily routine ? Why I didn't bother if she has take her lunch ? Why don't I text her asking where she is or what she's doing ? or why don't I just say I Love her ? She's my mom and I don't really know how long she's going to survive and I don't know how long I'm going to look at her face. A face full of tiredness , upset and she didn't enough sleep.
       She's getting old and I must do something about it right ? :/

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Brother :)

   It's about my brother who taught me to be a fighter. Seriously , I'm more than happy in my life to got a brother like him. Sometimes , I just think and dream that My brother could be here by side so I can tell everything that I felt. One thing he taught me , no matter what blood is always ticker than water. Maybe , Yes , He might not be the best brother but I always love him for what he is. I don't know what has been happening to him these months but I always pray to the god to give him strength for each day.
Brother, You're still in my life , my heart and in the breath of my life. I love you so damn much..

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kathiravan , Love Of My Life :)

Baby ,

The moments when I first met you are still fresh in my mind. This life is worthless without you , Baby. Frankly , I love you freaking much day by day. You're my star , you're my moon and you're everything this girl needs.It's only you and forever will be.You're the special person in my life that can never be replaced :)!